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    After Effects system requirements - NVIDIA and CUDA



      I have a problem when I'm using  After Effects , once i open it I see  a warning message which told me that i need approve NVIDIA graphics cards and CUDA 5.0 or later . When i ignore a such message and try to working i have a serious issue that after effect has crashed and stop working and ned to be restarted .


      Any body can help or advice of what should i do , Should i change my lap top or i don't need that ?


      In cas that i have to change my device is there any recommendation for NVIDIA graphics cards as i see a new version  like" NVIDIA Geforce GTX-960M 4G DDR5 "  which is not included the list of After Effects system requirements page .


      Can the mentioned card working good ?


      My lap top is LENOVO ideapad 500 , my graphics card is AMD RADEON - 4 giga




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