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    Flash installation fails v25 Firefox Windows 10


      Yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away, Adobe Flash V24 was working.

      Then, on insistence of Firefox I tried standard version upgrade from:

      Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player at link

      Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions

      ...which failed as below.


      After reading reams of postings I did a fresh restart and followed the directions at:

      Uninstall Flash Player for Windows

      After confirming uninstall

      "Sorry, Flash Player is either not installed or not enabled.

      Please go to step 2.

      ...and selecting step 2

      Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player

      I still get the message:

      ""Adobe Download Manager has stopped working"

      At which point Adobe Flash player installer still requires


      Which results in

      "installation will begin shortly"

      ...Which does not happen in 15 minutes

      So X out results in

      Adobe Flash Player could not be installed.

      Which is another iteration of the loop -- GOTO TOP




      This problem is not new to this release, I have had it before and once found some arcane process to defeat the automagic failure; which, unfortunately I have forgotten.