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    i7 7600k or Ryzen 1700 for build.


      Hey guys , i have some doubts regarding a build i was making for editing/rendering and using photoshop/after affects purposes. Just so you have a bit of information this is the build i had planned on buying



      CPU - Ryzen 1700(or the i7 7700k extremely skeptical as the ryzen is new and it has a few underlying issues)


      GPU - RX 480 8gb Nitro edition(or GTX 1060 6Gb which my uncle thinks is over kill aswell. Both the graphic cards are out of budget and overkill according to him. Do you think these gpus or anything lower will hinder and come in the way?)


      Ram - 16 GB (8x2) Corsair vengeance 2400 MHz(orignally planned to go with 32 but my uncle thinks its out of budget and over kill and it wont limit him. But i feel when he loads imports and exports big projects he will notice the sluggishness , is 16 Gb enough?)



      SSD - 240 GB WD ( going to install The OS and a few programs on it , save a few important projects aswell)


      HDD - 1TB WD Blue


      PSU - Corrsair VS650


      Mobo - MSI b350 Tomahawk(if ryzen because the cheaper gigabyte ab350 has more ram compatibility issues). If buying the i7 i will go with the MSI Z270-A-Pro





      Okay guys basically i was building a PC for my uncle for using Premier Pro , Photoshop , After Affects , sony vegas pro and adobe cloud creative etc. Now i was wondering what processor should i pick as i read some of the applications are more multithreaded orientated so i thought nothing can be better than the Ryzen 1700(even though it is clocked at a lower speed) for this kind of stuff. But then i read stuff like photoshop is more single-threaded and focuses more on single core performance and seeing the 7700k does not have much of a price difference in my country why not go for the 7700k?

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          First of all, Sony now no longer owns the Vegas Pro line. It is now owned by Magix, which purchased the line from Sony back in 2014.


          Secondly, although the Ryzen 1700 may not perform as well on some of the software that your uncle is planning to run, it actually tops the Intel i7-7700K in all of the CPU-intensive tasks in Premiere Pro, mainly because it has eight cores and 16 threads while the i7-7700K has only four cores and eight threads.


          Third, while the Radeon RX480 performs better than the GeForce GTX 1060 in OpenCL renders, Premiere Pro's OpenCL support isn't as complete as its CUDA support. The GTX 1060, therefore, will have the edge over the Radeon RX 480 in Premiere Pro.


          And you do not want to go with anything much lower than the two $200-ish GPUs that you've mentioned above. Remember that some companies outfit old, slow and outdated GPUs with as much as 4GB of RAM. Case in point: eVGA's implementation of the GeForce GT 730 with 4 GB of DDR3 VRAM. That card, disappointingly, uses a rebranded GeForce GT 430 GPU with only 96 CUDA cores (which dates all the way back to 2010) instead of a newer GPU with 384 or more CUDA cores. What's worse, that GT 730 4 GB card actually performs significantly slower than even the integrated Intel HD Graphics IGP inside Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs! And eVGA charges a whopping $90 for it!


          Fourth, you may want to get a higher quality PSU  than that Corsair VS 650, if you must have a true 650-watt PSU.

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            ishaank73364288 Level 1

            How does the 1050ti with 4GB of Vram fair? Yes ill get a better psu , and does the 7700k seem more practical for me? Should 16gigs of ram be less?

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              RjL190365 Level 5

              The GTX 1050 Ti is a decent GPU, although it is a sizable step downwards in performance from the GTX 1060. Moreover, some cards based on this CPU are currently priced a bit too close to that of the 3GB version of the GTX 1060 for its own good.


              And if your uncle does not intend to overclock his new PC build, then you may want to step down to a non-K i7-7700 (which Turbo-boosts by default to 4.0 GHz with all four cores in use) and an H270 chipset-based motherboard. I have this CPU paired with a motherboard based on the older H170 chipset, and it performs equal to that of my even older main i7-4790K build that has been overclocked to 4.5 GHz.


              And for the apps he intends to run, stick with 16GB for now. Going down to 8GB will noticeably degrade the performance of some of those apps.


              And as I tried to imply, that VS 650 isn't a bad PSU per se. It's just that there are higher quality but somewhat lower wattage PSUs out there for the price. And after all those suggestions and substitutions, you might need only a 500- to 550-watt PSU instead of your planned 650-watt unit.

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                1700, im using it. The core count makes a world difference in rendering, not so much CURRENTLY in adobe suite, but in c4d, etc the difference is huge

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                  aureliang64107814 Level 1

                  i have a 1800x and I hate it my 6700k rig is much much better for adobe lightroom ( where i use it at ) .
                  If anyone has some tips on how to improve ryzen on lightroom , I would be happy to hear

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                    DflippinK Level 1

                    i keep seein this question.. and other than whatever is happening with aureliang64107814's setup,... i cant recommend the Ryzen processors enough.... literally tears the Adobe CC like its nothing.. and im workin on 4-8k files over here... but i definitely do not have a 7700k.. so.. if that thing is doing a better job.. than by all means get that.


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                      aureliang64107814 Level 1

                      Thank you for your info, seeing that it goes well for some people, it gives me hope... I really love ryzen for other stuff, but for me, it dose not look optimized for lightroom ,
                      I will keep trying to see what's wrong on my setup.


                      Also, could you please let me know at what speed you have your ddr4 ? I was not able to pass 2400 ( and is a 3000 mhz kit from good manufacturer )

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                        DflippinK Level 1

                        yeah,.. im running at 2666 on my 3000 dominator platinums.. haven't really tried for more.. just set it and forget it at 2666... also, if you are over clocking using the older version of Ryzen Master Utility,.. it automatically enables HPET... Make sure you update to the latest version of RMU and also disable HPET once and for all... and of course set your power profile to either the Ryzen balanced, or the High Performance profile.

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                          coololly Level 1

                          Update your bios

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                            The Ryzen CPUs should tear apart the 7700k in the adobe CC suite. Not that 7700k is bad, it's debated to have the slight edge overall (gaming, stability, intel's trusted history, etc)... But the Ryzen is a workhorse with its additional cores and blows away the 7700 at  CPU intensive tasks.  Now it's possible certain tasks still struggle under the newer architecture (somebody mentioned Lightroom struggles above), but overall I'd go Ryzen all day for a workstation like this... It shouldn't even be close in my opinion.


                            And I'm still a little unsure on this, but I have an RX 480 and I'm struggling to get it to even work with Premiere. I believe it's actually not a supported AMD card for Premiere at this time. I love my card for general use, but it's not even being utilized during renders, exports, etc for me... I only screwed with it a little bit before giving up.  But like others have said, nVidia cards have the major advantage here due to their CUDA capabilities. I can't speak exactly to whats better card wise, but I believe I saw a chart somewhere that puts the 1070 quite a large step ahead of the 1060 in terms of render times... Price reflects that but it's worth looking into at least.