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    Can't sign into creative cloud with new account, no option to switch


      I downloaded Adobe cc and a few other apps the other week onto my computer and had accidentally used an account with an old email address that I can no longer access or get into. I created a new account with my current email address and went to download Acrobat DC. EVERY time I go to try and access any of the installed apps or download new ones to the computer, the CC pops up and says that the email address for the old account has to be verified. There is no option to logout of that one and login to a new one, and I can not delete/uninstall the program because it's logged in and I can't give the permission through the account that I am locked out of to delete it.


      I NEED to access the apps I already paid for and get some work done and I have no way to do so, any ideas or suggestions on fixing this?? The ONLY options there are Help, Pin to notification area, quit, resend verification email and check again & continue.


      Someone PLEASE help me remove this old account and access the CC with my new one, I need to get this work done asap! ):