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    Cannot instal and Adobe add on in LR on a Mac


      I have downloaded a free add-on for LR (CC 2015.9) but cannot instal it.

      This is a .zxp file and I have downloaded that to a folder on my Desktop (Mac OS 10.11.6)

      Double clicking on it normally would unzip it on a Mac but doing that brings up the Adobe Extension Manager. I go through the installation and follow the steps outlined in the publishers "Where to find it" instructions but cannot find the .lrtemplate (presumably because the file was not unzipped)


      Additionally I downloaded an unzip program from the app store but this does not unzip the file either.



      If i double click on the file again and reinstall it I get the following message.



      Any help would be appreciated.





      PS the file comes from Zachary Crawley