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    printing reversed and wrong sizes

    King Tut's Mom


      I have LR 5 and CC on my computer (still use the 5 bec the CC takes too long to come up+). Have an HP Photosmart7520 all in one.  Never had trouble printing be4.

      Now, when I go to print, even if I can get rid of white border on side of picture on the screen(which sometimes it won't let me do, like just on the right side---odd), when it prints, there are still borders. Even tho' I have " zoom to fill" checked off.  And, it changes the orientation of the printed photo, OR just won't let me put it , say vertical from horizontal. When it does allow me to go vertical, it still prints horizontal, with huge borders on the side, and it blows up the picture and cuts a lot of it (top and bottom, since it isn't vertical) out.  In CC, checking off "rotate to fit" put it in the proper orientation on the screen, but still printed with huge borders on the side, blew up the pic, and thin borders on top and bottom.

      The biggest thing is it is flipping the photos backwards!  And if I have print on the bottom, of course that too.  This has NEVER happened.  When I go into page setup or print settings, it doesn't matter whether I check or uncheck "flip horizontal"--prints the same anyway.  Under layout, there  are 4 options, but it isn't lit up and won't let me change it, AND, when I check off "reverse page orientation" and hit save, it DOESN'T save, and doesn't reverse orientation...argh....I thought maybe it was an issue in LR5, so I transferred the dngs to CC, and though I can get it to look ok on the screen in that module, it still prints abnormally, although the 2nd time (don't even know what I changed, I've tried so many things), it at least printed in the proper direction.

      Hope you can help...I blow up pictures from vacays  every year and put them in the office for clients to see, and can't seem to make it happen this time.