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    Flash Builder 4.7 activation

    Paul Coates Level 1

      I am no longer using any other products other than Flash Builder 4.7 from Adobe Creative Cloud.

      As I already have licenses & serial numbers for Flash Builder 4.7, I want to use those instead


      The problem is that they were bought as Upgrade Licenses to Creative Suite 5.5 which I know is a valid upgrade path, the upgrade licensing process is rejecting those serial numbers as valid serials.


      I had this problem before when I purchased Flash Builder 4.7 prior to taking out a Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, at that time someone walked me through a 1 off process to activate the product.


      Now if I contact telephone support the say it can only be resolved over chat, and the folks on chat say it can only be resolved on the telephone.


      Please can someone help me solve this problem as I want to unsubscribe from Adobe Creative Cloud, but can’t do so until I can sort the activation problem because I use Flash Builder 4.7 for my work.