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    I created an image in InDesign, with links. However, I can't click the links when I export it to PNG, only when exported to PDF. Is there a way to get the links to work in PNG so it can be send in Outlook?


      Hey Everyone,


      This is my situation:


      I have to send out an email with some updates for marketing. I created a flyer in InDesign that has to be send to the rest of the employees by Outlook.

      What we would like, is that the image is directly visible in the email, so that they don't have to open a pdf file, and that they can click the several links that I put in the InDesign file.
      When I export the file to pdf, it works fine of course. But is there a way to also make it work, somehow, when I want to send it as one picture in Outlook?




      Thanks so much in advance!