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    Can't extract embedded original tiff

    RP2A03 Level 1



      I converted some tiffs to dng in Lightroom, but am unable to extract the original tiffs out using Adobe Digital Negative Convertor. I get the message "No embedded originals were extracted."

      I did a test during conversion to dng with the option to include the original file on and off and the corresponding dng's are of different sizes, so I assume the original was embedded.


      Any ideas on how to extract the tiffs?

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          I just did a little experiment.  I took an 8 bit TIFF and converted to DNG while saving the original TIFF.  I then did a RESET in Lightroom on the DNG (this may not be necessary), exported a TIFF of this DNG with a different name using no resize and 8 bit and then imported these before/after TIFFs into Photoshop as layers.  On the top layer I set the blend to DIFFERENCE and the result was ALL black so the before convert to DNG TIFF is the same as the after export TIFF.


          Conclusion:   Just export your DNG files as TIFF and you will have the original, even if the original TIFF was not embedded.


          PS   Don't use compression on the export!!!!

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            The option is "Embed Original Raw File". A TIFF is not a Raw file so the DNG converter in LR, or the stand alone DNG converter, will not Embed the TIFF file into the DNG.


            Why are you converting TIFF files to DNG?

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              RP2A03 Level 1

              Thanks Bob,


              its useful to know, I was hoping that I could embed and export tif to save the layers within the file which get flattened for the dng.

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                RP2A03 Level 1

                I did think it was ignoring the tif because it isn't a raw file, but the dng file size seemed to indicate that something got embedded with the option on.

                I would like to be able to use dng for my tifs because of the checksum created and being able to validate the files.