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    Unable to edit Adobe PDF


      I recently (March 23, 2017) purchased the Adobe PDF Pack, Annual (See below.)

      This plan does not allow me to Edit my documents.  Are you kidding?!  Is simple editing of documents not allowed in the plan I just purchased for $74 a year?!!  

      The pink Edit PDF tool icon appears to the right of the document, but when I click on it, nothing happens!  (No “tools” appear. No editing capabilities on existing documents.)  Am I doing something wrong?  Is it not installed correctly? This is awfully frustrating.

      The prompts send me to “purchase” another plan. What the…? Another $74 a year, for what?

      Please don’t tell me I have to spend more money to do something so simple.







      Adobe PDF Pack, Annual

      Plan details

      Your plan: Adobe PDF Pack, Annual
      Renewal date: March 23, 2018


      I have this (above) already, but now they want me to purchase more (below) just to edit simple documents. Are you kidding?





      Not yet included

      Product order conflict

      You already have Adobe PDF Pack, Annual on your Adobe ID account. To prevent unnecessary overlap, let's upgrade Adobe PDF Pack, Annual to a Acrobat Standard DC subscription.



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