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    Assign a different Paragraph Style to text exceeding textframe


      I posted this question here: Poetry book text formatting


      I'm currently working on a poetry book layout and I came up with this struggle:

      I have some long lines that don't fit in a single line and (without changing paragraph) and I'd like to have all of those extra lines automatically being right justified.

      I tried using nested line style, but I only manage to apply a different Character Style (not a paragraph one) on the second line.

      Is there a way to achieve what I need without having to manually format every "exceeding line"?

      To say it in other words I need to have all lines longer than the text box right justified.

      I hope I was clear enough (if not sorry, english is not my mother tongue).


      User DBLjan suggested me to try with a script: "Find out which paragraph exceeds the textframe. Scripters can tell you, if theres a value for this, or if you have to find out the hard way: Compare first characters baseline y with the last character baseline y. If they differs, your line exceeds the textframe – now the script could apply another paragraph style for the right alignment", but I'm totally noob in scripting and I have no idea where to start...

      Can anybody help?


      Edit: See picture for a reference



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          Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

          You can't have part of a paragraph right aligned and part left even if there on separate lines so you have to either add a right tab or separate them into separate paragraphs.

          The below add the tabs






          var sel, story, paragraphs, paragraph, characterStyle, n;
          sel = app.selection[0];
          if (!sel || !sel.properties.baseline) {
              alert('No text Selection!');
          // change LongLine to the name of the style you want
          characterStyle = app.activeDocument.characterStyles.itemByName('LongLine');
          characterStyle = characterStyle.isValid && characterStyle;
          story = sel.parentStory;
          paragraphs = story.paragraphs.everyItem().getElements();
          n = paragraphs.length;
              paragraph = paragraphs[n];
              if (paragraph.lines.length > 1){
                  paragraph.lines.itemByRange(1,-1).insertionPoints[0].contents = SpecialCharacters.RIGHT_INDENT_TAB;
                  if (characterStyle) {
                      paragraph.lines.itemByRange(1,-1).appliedCharacterStyle = characterStyle;
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            Obi-wan Kenobi Level 5

            Hi Trevor,


            The op wants to "right-align" the 2nd part of the poetry double-line (the para has a left-alignment).

            Surely a same applied para style through the doc and I suppose in all the doc (maybe several stories …)!