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    Accordion doesn't push down in all breakpoints


      Hello Intelligent people!

      First off, I love this forum.. it's been nothing but amazing help. THANK YOU.

      Second, I am finally getting this site almost finished but I have an issue with the accordion not pushing down in  breakpoints. I have overlap chosen in the master but when I added a slideshow on the home page, i expected it to push it down.  The slideshow is in layer2.

      Third, the slideshow. How do i get it to stop scrolling under the menu? I'd like for it to stop and the things I place below it scroll under.  it doesn't look right scrolling under the menu nor over. ugh. I tried pinning it but that was a disaster.


      any help would be appreciated. Here is a copy of the file.



      Dropbox - PASB_ADOBEFIX.muse