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    Reader DC won't accept digital signature from smart card reader

    annem31866191 Level 1

      I have an Inventiv smart card reader and have verified the appropriate drivers are installed.  Acrobat Reader DC will not accept the signature from the smart card reader.  I have gone to the "configure digital ID" page and clicked on the "Use a Signature Creation Device."  When I click on "continue" I get a notification that says " Adobe Acrobat DC could not find any new digital IDs.  If your digital ID is on a hardware token, please make sure it is plugged in and the token interface is properly configured.  Contact your system administrator for further assistance."  I have also gone to the "manage digital ID" page and can find the certificate under "Windows Digital IDs" but Acrobat won't let me use it.  I also verified that the certificate is trusted.  I am unable to export the certificate due to the fact that the documents I am signing require a specific file type not offered by Acrobat.  I know the reader and drivers are working because I am able to access websites through my smart card.  Thanks for your help in advance.