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    Can't use Import Video Frames to Layers command, "DynamicLink is not available"


      Before you link some threads from 2013 telling me to close Photoshop for 30 seconds and stuff like that, they don't work.


      I am trying to make some GIFs from MP4 files but I can't import them into Photoshop. I have version CS6, and use a Mac and a Win 7 desktop. It works fine on my Mac, but my Mac is getting old and I really need this to work on my desktop. Things I've tried: closing PS, restarting computer, reinstalling, using File > Open, using .avi, using .mp4, installing Quicktime, and updating my graphics drivers. Nothing seems to work! Whenever I select a file in File > Open or even so much as click on Import > Video frames to layers, it pops up with an error saying "Could not complete request because DynamicLink is not available" or something like that. Thanks for any help you can offer!