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    Batch Edit "Auto Haze Removal" Is it possible on Elements 15?


      I have downloaded Elements 15 for evaluation but I have not been able to use batch edit feature, The video tutorial seems to gloss over without substantial information. I am using a PC. For example, When I select a group of photos on the Organiser and click on Photo Edit it opens them all but on a single photo view, then click on Adjustments/SmartFix only the first photo only on display gets edited, I have to save this and do the same for each photo. But most importantly I want to be able to batch edit "Auto Haze removal" again, that seems to be the same it only edits the photo that is visible in the window I have to save each photo separately.

      Can you help please?


      Many Thanks

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          MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1 - The newly introduced 'Instant fix' lets you apply the same edits (from the available list of the major edits) to all selected files.

          2 - The 'process multiple files' in the editor lets you batch edit with only a few commands, not filters.

          3 - The auto Haze removal tool may look good for some photos, but it's not advised to apply to many files at the same time. It is slow and requires to be adapted to each picture, otherwise you risk severe artifacts.

          4 - I am pretty sure the effect you are after is not to remove haze, it's to add some clarity (local contrast) to your images. There is a way to apply the same amount of clarity. You have to open your files (not only raws but also jpegs) in the ACR module. From the editor you use the 'Open in camera raw' (Windows command) to open the batch at the same time. You select all in the filmstrip and move the clarity slider to taste. You apply any other edits, for all pictures or only some; then you apply the effects by clicking 'Done' or 'Open'.

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            farukc65987611 Level 1

            Hi Michel,


            Many thanks for your very helpful reply, I appreciate the advise regarding Batch Haze removal and the alternative solution.


            It appears that I should not have asked this question as I did by sending messages direct to members, I have been told

            by some other members I should have ask the question in the forums. When I received your message my first thought

            was I was going to be told off again but it was a real pleasure to read your message. I guess some people like to be helpful

            what ever the circumstances are.

            Many thanks, kind regards