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    Premiere Pro and After Effects Slow Performance and Responsiveness


      Hello Adobe CC Community,


      For the past few months my video team and I have been experiencing rather odd behavior from both Premiere Pro and After Effects. There is a huge lag between the time when we make a change to a clip on our timeline and the change actually taking effect. We figured at first that this might have been due to server connectivity and copied all of the clips locally to try to eliminate any bottleneck there. While performance seemed to improve very little, there is still a long 5 or so second waiting period for changes to take place. This makes it difficult to achieve good frame accuracy and slows down our work flow immensely. To add on to the slowdown, render times have increased dramatically. For anything other than a simple 30 second video without any graphics, rendering can take multiple hours to complete and generally experience errors along the way. For instance, a recent 2 minute video render took nearly 3 hours to finish rendering once we were able to get it to complete without error. We are all very confused as to what may be causing these giant slowdowns and rendering errors. Looking at the resources being used on the machine during render, we have a lot of headroom and aren't using total available processing capacity.


      System Configuration:

      2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 6-core CPUs @ 2.4GHz

      96gb DDR4 Memory @ 2400MHz

      480gb Sata III SSD

      2TB Mechanical Hard Drive

      2 x Nvidia Quadro K4200 Video Cards

      Windows 8.1 Pro


      System is on the latest Adobe CC version and has all Windows updates. The Adobe suite is installed on the local SSD, with the 2TB hard drive being used in conjunction with a large file server on an internal gigabit fiber network. Screenshot for system usage is below.


      We appreciate any help on this issue!









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