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    InDesign CC 2017 Slow Performance


      I have severe performance problem with almost any version (except for old one CS3 under Windows XP). The problem is that InDesign CC 2017 stuck on any symbol type for about 30 seconds on existing document (complex one, but not crazy complex). Stuck almost on any operation including symbol typing, page removing or text column relocation. Document of a few pages, has a lot of text in columns and images. Checked on different machines, currently on AMD Quad-Core 3.8GHz, 8Gb RAM. InDesign task uses 30% of CPU for the whole time. I can send my document, please let me know how can I do it. Please help. We recently bought a few licences, but can't use it until the problem will be solved. Thank you!

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          Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

          One of the first things I do is disable Live Preflight. I'm not sure if that will solve your problem, but it's one thing to try. At the bottom of a document's window, click the menu next to the preflight status and choose Enable Preflight for All Documents (so it ends up being unchecked).

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          Is InDesign only slow on just that one file, or all files?