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    A little help please. [Workflow suggestions: camera to iPad to Photoshop/Lightroom automated actions?]


      Hi all.


      I'm realatively new to using photoshop/lightroom and would apprecaite some advise on a workflow.


      I'm a real estate / estate agency photographer - here's what I want to achieve.


      i would like to be able to sync my camera 80d with my iPad so that I can show clients the photos directly on iPad - I know this is possible as I have a flashair card and I know that the app can auto import over wifi. That fine.


      I would then ideally like the quickest way to upload /edit in photoshop and lightroom - I would like to straighten all the images (can this be done in a batch) (I use a tripod inside but handhold on externals usually)


      i then have some actions loaded in photoshop which I would like to run on the photos (again can this be automatically done on a batch?)


      im just trying to make my workflow more efficient as at present although I am achieving some good end product I am spending a vast amount of time editing each individual photo.


      any advise appreciated.