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    AE Project file keeps closing while trying to render


      So i'm having this really weird issue with after effects where every time I try to render out my edit it keeps closing after effects saying that there was an error or something went wrong with AE. It then forces me to close after effects and I cant render or even play my edit past 2 seconds. It keeps closing at the same point every time and i'm really confused. It keeps saying After effects has stopped working. It used to give me a run-time error that was labeled something like "c++ run-time error" but that has since gone away but it still closes at the same point it does at the run-time error. See pictures below for description...


      If you look at the marker "you" that's where the issue occurs every time. The weird thing is it renders fully when it is on half resolution but not when I try to put it on full. I'm not sure why this issue has occurred but I really need help with solving this. Below this is the picture of the error.