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    Adobe run around [Purchased CS6 from TechNet Micro in 2014. Why is serial number now revoked?]

    montana big sky

      I purchased Photoshop CS6 extended in 2014 and had it up and running.  I had to replace my hard drive and went back to windows 7 ultimate because I disliked windows 10.  Upon trying to install it on 7 I am getting a error message that i assume is coming from adobe that the serial number has been revoked.  upon talking with adobe they are telling me that the serial number has never been in there database.  just finished a chat with adobe and they told me there server was down and they were unable to continue with help at this time.  I have read a number of forums from a number of uses that their serial numbers have been disabled or revoked.  I am getting the impression that adobe wants to sell everyone on the cloud.  I DON'T WANT TO BE ON THE CLOUD.  All I want is what I paid for.  I don't care that they won't support or upgrade CS6 all I want is to be able to use something I paid for.  How can adobe revoke something that has never been in their system.  Is adobe giving me the runaround ???