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    Adobe After Effects 2017 keeps crashing during use


      I'm writing this question out for my boss since his after effects is the one that's having the issues.


      Anytime he tries to use his after effects it crashes.  No error message comes up, it doesn't just close, everything freezes and the gray background behind the project are becomes large light gray and white stripes.  He'll go to force quit the program since it's not responding and it'll take a couple minutes for the computer to register the action while this is happening.  It slows his whole system down until he can finally quit out of after effects.


      We tried uninstalling and reinstalling, making everything read and write, repairing the permissions.  Nothing has worked.


      What do we do?


      He's running after effects cc 2017  version 14.1, Mac osx el capitan verison 10.11.5


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we both need to be able to use our after effects and this is hindering his working progress.


      Thank you.


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