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    Cant scale down the image size


      I'm trying to make my imported image smaller but every time I drag a corner in it just takes away that part of the image instead of scaling down the size of the image.

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          chaseg99441564 Level 1

          this is in indesign

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            Malcolm Whild Level 2



            hold down control (or command if you're on a Mac) then drag the corner. Hold down shift to constrain the image proportions.





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              rohit_ID Adobe Employee

              If you want to see your image's dimensions just click on the centre circle of your graphic and it will select the image dimension. Then you can rescale the image.


              As Malcolm said , you can press control or command and drag to drag the image along with the frame as you scale.

              You can also use frame fitting option from Object - Frame - Fit content to frame and the image will be scaled to fit to the frame . there are other options too.


              Hold Shift to scale proportionately, and hold Alt (option key for mac) to force use of the content's center as the anchor point. Hold both Shift + Alt (option key for mac) to scale proportionately from the content's center.

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
                1. Maybe that this might help you: Right mouse click, Fit content, fill frame proportionally.

                2. Or you click once on the image, the donought ring will appear and you can manipulate the image independently from its frame. Hold down the shift key to keep proportions. You see in the control panel if the image is distorted unproportional, correct it there with changing the scale factor, as it will jump in both direction to a proportional scaling factor.

                3. If you want to resize image and frame, click on the image, hold down the cmd or ctrl key, wait 3 seconds and then start scaling.

                4. If you want to speify how the scaling of content is done, go to the object style, choose one of fit, fill, proportionally or not and use that object style. You can also activate auto scale. You can reverse the autoscale setting with step 3 for a single image.
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