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    How to track mesh warp?




      I have some questions about tracking mesh warp and how to scale up or down it's selected points...


      I am working on a project and I have to fix some faces or legs and I am trying to scale mesh warp as leg size then I am trying to track it to leg because it has to move with leg, and also I can't scale the mesh warp point. Some of my friends can do it in Autodesk Flame. Why After Effects can't do these things. I know, some of will say it is a motion graphic program but you can also vfx with after effects, don't forget that..

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          that's a good question. unfortunately, there are no transform coordinates for mesh warp. Ae is missing a decent mesh tool (meshing according to a path curve ,or a grid with transform values)


          I think the way I would tackle this is stabilize the shot first in the precomp, apply the mesh warp, the re-introduce the motion in the master comp. I would also consider other meshing tools like puppet or liquify that offer more parameters for compositing flexibility


          if you still have trouble with this, maybe you can upload the footage and specify exactly what the end result should be. some of us usually give a vfx breakdown. it's a good practice.

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            canç80246466 Level 1

            Roei, thank you for your answer.


            As a plugin, AE user can use "freeform" and also  Adobe must some update about this problem.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There is this tutorial which may help. It's a way to track distortion to an object in a shot.

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