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    After Effects error: Crash in progress <DBSync>


      Hi there,


      I've ran into this issue with Ae in just one project. There's nothing wrong with the file, because my team can open it, and there's nothing wrong with Ae, because I can open other projects. Slightly bizarre...


      I've attempted to delete my Ae preferences, reinstall Ae's latest version, tried to configure the project to windows 7 - and nothing stops this issue from popping up.


      The only answers I've found that I haven't tried are allowing access to internet using firewall (after effects error crash in progress. i can't launch After effects cc v.14). Has anyone found this useful? Or has this issue been identified and is there a better solution?


      About the issue:

      I'm working on Windows7, After Effects CC (2017) 14.0.1.

      The program crashes within 5 seconds of opening and loading assets.


      Let me know if you need more information help me solve this problem.