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    Masking problem....

      I am posting a demo file stripped down for anyone to look at.. (in hopes it makes more sense...AS2 by the way)

      I want to put a mask either in the _applicationX clip on the maskTest layer (masking the contentClip) under it..

      or inside of the contentClip, on the maskTest layer.., hence masking the faceContainer clip under it...

      can ANYONE get it to work.. and if not..what is wrong?

      here is brief summary [copy/pasted from old posts, that no-one tried to answer]

      I am trying to use this method here:
      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=15&catid=288&threadid =1410897&enterthread=y#5155789

      (which noone could seem to answer)

      to create an inversed mask of the shape I have drawn (lineTo) inside a movieClip..

      my clip layout/nesting is as follows:

      parent.parent clip (contentContainer)
      ---parent clip (faceContainer)--
      -----lineContainer (holds the shape/object Im using for my source of the inverse mask
      -----maskContainer (empty clip to hold the dynamically created clip from the inverse mask method above)
      -----imageContainer (the place where the dynamically loaded image gets loaded into, and is 'masked' by the inversedMask method)

      now this all works fine.. except I want to add a mask to the parent clip thats holding these 3 nested clips...(faceContainer).. or even to the parent clip of that (contentContainer)..

      but when I do so.. and then invoke the inversedMask() method from above,...the whole imageContainer goes blank...

      now since the only REAL masking is the maskContainer, masking the imageContainer.. why cant I add a mask manualy or through AS to the faceContainer or the contentContainer clips?

      I cant seem to figure it out...

      any ideas or suggestion is helpful..

      this 'IS' AS2 by the way...