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    Photshop changes ony applies after zooming in and out

    marcapo GmbH

      Hi to all,

      I hope you can help me with this one because i couldn´t find any solution for my problem and I´m kinda annoyed by this.


      When I work with Photoshop CC 2017 and i make some changes on the picture it doesn´t appear instantly. It also doesn´t make a diffrence what i do, all changes gives me the same result.

      The changes only become visible after i zoom in and zoom out again.


      I´ve tried two different graphic-cards and i even tried it with Windows 7 and Windows 10, every combination gives me the same bug.

      I also tried to use an older graphic-card driver wich didn´t made a difference aswell.


      Specs at the moment are:


      Windows 10

      I7-4770 3,4ghz

      GTX 960

      16GB DDR3 RAM

      Adobe CC 2017