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    Export AE 3D Shapes to 3DS Max?

    Miguel Mocho

      Hi Everyone,


      So I am working on an animation at the moment. I wanted to export the animated layers as an OBJ file with the camera movement but i can't figure it out.

      I have animated my 2D Vector shape in 3D then I have used the new render Cinema 4D to extrude it.

      I have tried to open it in the cinema 4D and export it as an OBJ file but when I open it it wont open my 2D/3D object, when I click the show in the cineware it shows an empty work-space with no light etc. But on my AE timeline i can see my 3D Shapes. When I click Extract it only extracts the lights and camera, not the object.

      How Can I export it into a OBJ? Is it possible?


      Many Thanks!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I have animated my 2D Vector shape

          You can't do that. OBJs must be static geometry. Using any animation will not meet that criteria and the renderer doesn't create persistent native C4D stuff, anyway. That aside, you are completely wasting your time with such a crooked workflow since this stuff works differently between C4D vs. MAX. Simply import your vector artwork directly into MAX and do whatever needs to be done with it there.



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            Miguel Mocho Level 1

            Hi Mylenium,

            Thanks for the reply, I totally agree. The only reason i wanted to animate in AE is  because it is much easier for me.

            I was avoiding doing everything in Max but i guess I have no choice.

            Anyhow thanks for clarifying.