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    .texture and .dds

    TayAlex Level 1

      How can I open a .texture file in Photoshop 2017. I read I can rename to .dds and then open with a plugin but this does not work for 2017. Help appreciated

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          What is its original file format?  Do you want to use it with Layer Styles like Bevel & Emboss, and Filter > Textures, or just overlay it on an image?

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            TayAlex Level 1

            The original file format was .texture. I want to use it and re-colour

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              How do you want to use it?  How would you apply it?  What tool or filter would you use?

              Would you want it to be raised with an emboss, or just cover the image?


              A good example of the latter would be Paper Texture Pro which just uses JPG textures.


              Or there is Filter Gallery  > Texture > Texturizer    — You can load additional textures by clicking on the menu bars to the right of the Canvas etc. drop down.


              Then there is Layer Style > Bevel & Emboss > Texture which gives you lots of control, and you can load custom 'pattern' files.

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                TayAlex Level 1

                I think we are misunderstanding oneanother. I want to open a .texture file, the files is called blablabla.texture, not jpeg or bmp or png or whatever, its called .texture