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    Get Device ID/Location with Drive Letter

    ytlevine Level 1
      I need to get the device id/location for a cd drive.
      It should be in the format of 1,0,0 or something like that.
      Is there any way to do this in Lingo, or with an xtra, or through a command prompt?
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          Level 7
          BuddyAPI can do that with baDriveInfo(), but the number it returns is
          not necessarily what you want. It will be the ID of the CD in the
          drive, not the drive itself. I do not know of a way to get a unique
          serial number or anything off a removable drive. If you need a unique
          computer ID, the standard way is to use some combination of the main
          hard drive serial number (which you can also get with baDriveInfo())
          along with some system stats like CPU or memory... baCPUInfo() or

          If you are doing this as some sort of DRM or protection method, the best
          way is to set up a server online and have each installation register
          itself with some system info or a unique serial number.