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    Span-tags disapear when empty between tags

    easypay_mdb Level 1

      Using Robohelp 2017 (trial version)


      In Html-mode we place a span which contains a class.

      The class calls a font with the help of a css-file.

      The result of 'glyphicon-search' is the image of a magnifying glass.

      Screen1.pngpic 1


      Result in the output:

      Screen2.pngpic 2


      If we click the Design-mode (pic 3) and return back to html-mode (pic 4) we lost the span.

      Screen3.pngpic 3


      Screen4.pngpic 4



      I assume we lose it because there is nothing placed between the tags.

      Is there a way to keep the span in the code?

      A particular setting perhaps?