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    Losing Initial View settings when running a multiple page file split. Why/Suggestions?


      Hello everyone, hoping I can get some help regarding this pesky, annoying little dilemma.


      I am losing my Initial View settings after running a page split.


      Long story short, I generate a multiple page pdf from InDesign, each page with an individual bookmark within it, so I can then split the pdf later, for individual pages. Before I split the PDF, I edit the document properties, and insert title information, author information, and change the initial view to a magnification of 100% (and save).


      Now, when I run my split, it correctly splits the document (based on top level bookmarks), and retains the title and author information, but the initial view magnification reverts back to default. This is annoying because I then have to go in and change the view of each individual pdf manually (and we're talking upwards of 50 here).


      Does anyone know 1.) why the initial view magnification settings I determine before the split are not being kept

      2.) Am I missing a "lock setting" option somewhere and if not,

      3.) is there anything I can do, run an action, or a script, to lock the setting, so I do not have to go in and change each pdf file, every time I run this split?


      Thank you in advance,


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