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    White & Black filters?

    jodief77069316 Level 1

      I used to have a black & white option under the brush tool in lightbox, but since resetting my computer and reinstalling it, it has gone. Please help, how do I get it back?

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          rfatima Level 1
          1.Please reopen the CC Desktop App, then please log on to https://creative.adobe.com/addons/my_addons  .
          2.In my_addons you will find installed addon. Then click on ‘Remove’, then ‘Install’ your add-on again. Please wait a few moments, then check the ‘Activity Stream' in the CC Desktop App, and confirm if it states that installation was successful.
          3.If it says successful, please read the ‘Where to Find it’ tab on the add-on homepage which will tell you where you can find the product after it has been installed.
          4.Restart the Lightroom.
          5.Also please make sure that file sync is on in CC app and you have logged in with the same adobe id in CC desktop app and https://creative.adobe.com/addons/my_addons.