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    High CPU + massive lag issues

    afeinphoto Level 1

      Been really having a hard time with this.  Got to the point where I had the local mac store run 48hrs of test on the hardware because I thought it was a core/hardware issue.  Everything checks out (ram too).


      imac mid 2015 3.3ghz i5 32gb ram

      radeon r9 m290 2048mb  (gpu turned off)

      no 3-rd party anything loaded

      osx 10.11.6


      Any use of LR spikes my cpu usage over 300% and adjustments are super laggy.  Meanwhile my mid 2012 mbp i7 with 16gb ram crushes.


      Have expanded my cache to 10gb, optimized catalogue.


      Saw others have posted but it's to the point where I need extra help.


      Much thanks for the time!