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    Search feature of Robohelp and interaction with Captivate

    Itzelm Level 1
      Hi guys, I am trying to find a solution for our hybrid (elearning/performance support) modules. We need a solution that will allow users to search, see a glossary and bookmark and also be scormed. I am considering Robohelp along with Captivate but there are some issues....Robohelp could provide strong search capabitlites but, would it search within an embedded Captivate movie? I would think not. So, then we would have to type the instructional content in Robohelp and outside the captivate piece. if we do that, the search engine will pick up the keywords but then I won't be able to track users through the Robohelp file. Also, since there is no scorming of robohelp, there also no bookmarking feature. Any ideas to solve this dilemma?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there Itzelm

          You are correct. That is a bit of a dilemma.

          For the Captivate content, you would need to create a strong Index. Or possibly create a Microsoft Word document from the Captivate content and include the text of it inside the Captivate topic page. You could make the text hidden so it would be searchable but not seen. If you did that, the user would only be deposited at the Captivate movie. Not at the Captivate slide where the term is used.

          As for the SCORM stuff, I know that other files are involved with Captivate when creating SCORM compliant output. It's long been my understanding that a Learning Management System (LMS) operating using SCORM is expected to serve the Captivate content. This way, the conversation is established between the LMS and the Captivate object. I'm doubtful you would be able to make it work the other way around. Where a Captivate SCORM object would initiate the conversation with the LMS database. I'd have to defer that answer to Andrew Chemey or Erik Lord over in the Captivate forums. Maybe one of those gentlemen knows if it can happen that way.

          Hopefully at least some of this was helpful... Rick