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    Text Animation - Help Needed



      I have this block of text, which I am animating to come in from the bottom of my scene using the range selector with position and opacity.  Is there a way to easily have the entire 3rd bullet point (lines 3-5) come in as one item instead of line by line?  Or do I need to just animate 3 separate text layers (one for each bullet point) to achieve the result I'm looking for?


      Thank You

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          kirkeric Adobe Community Professional

          If that's the only text, it wouldn't take much time to do it separately.  For simplicity, I'd either do it as separate layers or you could reveal it using a simple animated mask.



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            This_Dude Level 1

            Thank you.  I was hoping to have a way to retain the flexibility that the range selector provides and allows you to easily add additional effects to animate.  I know it's a pretty small amount of text to work with, but if I make a change in how it is going to transition in, then it would be a huge time saver to be able to make the change once and have it apply to all of the text versus making that change 3 times.

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              This_Dude Level 1

              I played around with animating some separate text blocks yesterday.  This solution isn't going to work, because in producing multiple different layouts for the project I'm working on, it is proving to be necessary to use the range selector form of animation to be able to easily reposition and change the text based on feedback from everyone here.  It seems that there should be some way to change the amount of lines that the range selector affects and to also have that change with a keyframe, but I just can't seem to get it to work that way.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can always add more than one text animator and range selector. That will keep all of the text on one line.

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                  This_Dude Level 1

                  Yeah, I was adding multiple range selectors, but this still didn't seem to allow me to bring the last 3 lines of text in all at once.  Unless I just don't know the proper settings.  It seems that multiple range selectors allow you to have multiple effects applied to your text at varying speeds, but the limitation of bringing each line on individually still was keeping me from having the last 3 lines come on as one group.

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                    This_Dude Level 1

                    I played around with the range selectors, and while it took a good bit of setup work, I was able to set the 2nd and 3rd range selectors to animate the 4th and 5th lines of text in by lining up their key frames with those of the 3rd line.


                    Thanks for all of the help.