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    How would I Create an action to insert a smaller image onto a larger background image and be able to batch process the images?

    Jeffko Level 1

      Here is what I have:


      1. Background image W: 1728 px  H: 960 px Resolution: 300 DPI

      2. Thousands of pictures that have been resized to fit into the background image created in number "1" background image. The resolution of the thousands of images to be inserted into the background is 300 DPI and they are either a maximum dimension of either 1728 px wide or 960 px high. Any original images smaller would just be centered on the background, this is a very acceptable solution to the smaller pictures.

      3. All images are .PNG


      What I need is the proper sequence to open up the background image in Photoshop (I have made sure all other images are closed) then I need this action to open a folder of the selected images (An example would be Daughters 2nd birthday party, which I have 232 .PNG images from 5 different cameras) inserted on top of the background created for these 232 pictures. It would be great if they can retain their original filename, but it is not so important if that doesn't work.


      I Will send 5 pics to show what I am trying to accomplish.






      Background with Wide image inserted.




      Background with a square image inserted on background.



      The wide Image




      Square Insert.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.