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    jpeg signature file is now too large?


      I have been using the same jpeg image for my signature on previous versions of Acrobat Reader.  On the newest version the signature appears too large for the document.  I have tried to reduce the image but it does not change the size of the signature.  Why is this happening and what can be done?


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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi jeffd29204830,


          I won't be able to comment if this is an issue with the application right now with the limited information you have provided.

          If you create a new sample jpeg file(with any content) with an equivalent size of the original file, are you able to upload that? 


          Is it possible for you to share the file with us and help us with the version of Reader/Acrobat you are using? Also, the name and version of operating system. If you can share that jpeg file you may use GoogleDrive or Adobe Send or DropBox to share the file with us via private message: How Do I Send  Private Message


          -Tariq Dar.

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