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    New 301 redirect system in BC



      Is there any plan to update the URL (301) Redirect system in BC?

      Its currently very, very poor and given that most other things in BC are so good, surely this is high on the list for improvements?


      • Can't export URL list

      • Can't import longer URLs with its import function. Need to manually add URLs one by one.

      • Can't see full URL paths (when viewing in back end interface)

           - paths truncate so you can't see them fully

           - you can hover over them to get the full path but this takes time and is not searchable with your browser's find function (not even in the source code).


      • When I need to update a redirect, it takes anywhere between 1 and 10 minutes just to locate the one I'm after.

           (I have approx 500 redirects of which most are unsearchable)

           And when I need to edit 5 or 10 redirects this multiplies out.


      This takes 'no time' with a basic .htaccess text file.

      I'm sure many people turn away from BC because of this weakness.

      Even if the back end interface remained the disaster it is - If you could simply just export to CSV and then Import CSV (with a properly working import) I'd be happy.