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    downloading ebooks


      So I click <download> from the sample library & get the download.  The computer wants to open it in Adobe Reader.  I change it to "open with Adobe Digital Editions".  It doesn't open.  I go to 'downloads', double click on it and jump the hoops.  It looks like it is going into my library, but I cannot find it anywhere.  Where is it? and/or what do I need to do differently to get it????

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          Sharad Vatsa Employee Moderator



          Please try launching Adobe Digital Editions and then click on File > Add to Library > Select the eBook you downloaded and then click Open.

          Now the eBook should appear in the Library and you may open it for reading by double-clicking on the book in the library.

          In case you have too many books, you may sort the books by Date Added in the BookShelf  from the drop down you would find at the top right corner of ADE. Once you do this, the most recent added book would appear at the bottom.


          I hope this helps.