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    Binding to Media Encoder after Crash/Close


      Hey there,


      I made a premiere plugin that queues and starts an encode and binds to media encoder so the plugin can track the status and have automated work run once the encode is done. It works great and does exactly what I need it to. Awesome! I want to make my plugin more robust by having it persist through a crash in Premiere or from me trying to keep windows tidy and closing out or Premiere while an encode is still running. When I open Premiere back up during an encode I can't seem to get the active jobs from Media Encoder as I normally would with app.encoder.bind('onEncoderJobProgress',  $._PPP_.onEncoderJobProgress);



      I've looked through the example code and dug through the forums, but I haven't been able to find anything that will allow a Premiere Plugin (through the jsx file) to get the active Media Encoder jobs after they have started. Is this possible?