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    Premiere Elements OR Premiere Photoshop


      For our school's booster club I search through hundreds of still pictures each sports season and select the 40 to 50 best.  I add captions/text to each picture along with some title pages.  Then I insert music so that this slideshow plays to music (so coordinating that music with the slide advancement is important).  I then convert the slideshow to a video.  The video is then distributed by email to the school community.


      At some point, I'd like to insert short video clips in addition to the still pictures.


      I recently purchased Premiere Elements 15 as it appeared to me the best software for the type of "movies" I was making.  Upon further review, I'm wondering if thinking I'm making a "movie" is incorrect when in reality I'm simply converting a slideshow to a video.


      I would very much like to hear opinions on whether Premiere Photoshop 15 would be the better/easier product for me to use rather than Premier Elements 15 that I bought.


      THANK YOU!

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          While you can mostly do this in Photoshop, I think for your needs Pr. Elements has some templates and auto-selections that should work well. It sounds like whichever you use, stills or video, you're going to end up with a video & audio file. That's the heart of Elements.



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I am moving this to the Premiere Elements forum where the video editors help each other

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              We have some confusion here.  There is no "Premiere Photoshop 15".  There is Photoshop Elements, Premier Elements and Organizer that are related.  Photoshop Elements is for "photos".  Premier Elements is for "videos".  Organizer is for (well!), "organizing".  I've read that Organizer can display photos in a slide show format, but I've never done it. 


              Most of us now share our photos, videos and photo collections on computers or TV screens.  Single photos are typically JPEG files.  Collections of photos in a "slideshow" sequence are most commonly put in to MP4 files.  That may be done with everything from Lightroom to ProShow Gold.   The result is still an MP4 file, which is also the most common video file. 


              Premier Elements is a "video" software because the finished result may be on disks or, more commonly now, in MP4 files.  Premier Elements is set up so that all media from cameras can be combined with full control over audio.  In other words, photo files and video clip files are easily mixed and music can be added.   It goes without saying that it is necessary to learn the techniques. 


              To specifically answer your question, Premier Elements is very well suited to making a "composite" of still images and video clips that can be shared.   It is worth it to learn the process and procedures.

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                davidmerryd Level 1

                Thank you Neal. I will keep the premiere elements 15 software I bought.


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