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    Export Release Build stops at Temp folder


      When I Export Release Build, the proper thing to happen is that 3 temp folders get created and then deleted and finally there is one folder left with my project name and all working files inside. That is what should happen.


      But what is happening now...

      The three temp folders are created but only two are deleted and one temp folder remains. And the folder with my project is never created. The temp file has a name like adt74260689785487489598.tmp


      There are no errors, the final project file just doesn't get created.

      This problem was happening about 30 % to me, so I always just re-exported and got it to work. But now it is happening 100%, so I am stuck.


      The temp folder actually looks complete, it has my project exe file inside, and I can even run it. But It makes me nervous that the export doesn't entirely complete the process.


      Has anyone ever seen (solved?) the problem of the Export Release Build stopping with one temp folder instead of the project folder?


      Extra info: When I do the export release build I select "keep bin-release-temp folder."  If I don't have that box checked then there are absolutely zero folders remaining after the export.


      Thanks for any tips or solutions