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    Name displayed in comments in Acrobat DC


      I am making comments on a student paper submitted to me as a pdf. In the comment sidebar, my previous married surname is displayed, even though my Adobe Reader account page shows my correct and current name. I want the sidebar to reflect my current surname. Is this a problem coming from Adobe? Or is it because my computer, being a few years old, is registered to me under my previous name? Thanks!

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The name that appears as the author of the comments has nothing to do with the Adobe account. It's an internal setting of the application.

          First thing to do is look under Edit - Preferences - Commenting. Is the "Always use log-in name for author name" box ticked? If yes, then untick it.

          Now, create a new comment, right-click it and select Properties. Go to the General tab and change the Author name.

          Before clicking on OK make sure you tick the "Make Properties Default" box. Then click OK.

          Any comment you'll create after that will have this author name by default.

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