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    Fixed background removal


      Hi everybody !


      So my trouble is this :


      I would like to remove the background on this clip and make it transparent so it can be used in another footage. It is a videogame character animation playing on a fixed background, screenrecorded by me.

      forum adobe.png


      I have, in the timeline, the pixel perfect copy of the background, without the moving character. I have trouble thinking that there are no ways to "substract" the two or something to obtain the perfect result.


      Apparently I'm not very good at keying because there are always part of the moving image that get transparent.

      I of course tried to rotoscope it, but I have dozens of those to do, so I need a quicker way.


      Big thanks to whomever will help me !


      Sorry for the approximate english.




      I'm using the CC 2017.1 Release (version

      PC Windows 10 Pro 64 bits 32 Go Ram

      The footage is in x264 encapsulated in .mov, 60 fps.