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    scaling an animation with motion tween in Animate CC

    ossaioputa Level 1

           Hi, I'm trying to scale a motion tweened animation that I've made from two movie clip symbols. I've read some forum discussions and tried different suggested methods to no satisfaction. Please could someone help me with an easier method than the one I've written below.

      The one below is very tedious as I have to do the transformation on each symbol individually.


          The closest I've got to what I want was done by the following method:

      (1) select the symbol you want to transform with the free transform tool.

      (2) Go to the layer that it's on and select the first frame of the tween, hold shift, the go to the last frame of the tween and select. This selects the entire frame.

      (3) go to the transform palette and entire the desired scale as a percentage for both width and height.

      (4) Do the same for each symbol, scaling by the same percentage.

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          ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

          Just so you know, there's no connection between the transform tool and the transform window. The former is for transforming with your mouse, the latter is always available no matter which tool you use to select an object.

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            ossaioputa Level 1

            I didn't realise that. Thanks for letting me know.

            I'm still left with the tedious method I described above. Do you not know of an easier and quicker way to scale a motion tweened symbol?

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              Myra Ferguson Adobe Community Professional

              The description of your situation is a little confusing. What I'm reading is that you have 1 animation using a Motion Tween that is comprised of 2 symbols. If that is the case, when you make the Motion Tween, Animate will tell you that multiple objects are selected. You'll need to convert them into a symbol which you can either do or have Animate do for you. In that case, you're then dealing with scaling the one symbol and should be able to click on the layer (by the name, not on an actual frame) to select the whole tween. Then use the Transform panel to enter what you want it scaled to.


              But maybe since you're talking about having to scale more than one symbol, you really mean you're working with a Classic Tween and need to scale the symbol in each keyframe. You have 2 choices here depending on where you want your keyframes to scale. You can select the symbols individually if you need them to scale based on each one's center pivot point (by default in the center). Or you can select the whole layer, turn on Edit Multiple Frames, and enter the amount you want to scale based on the pivot point of both symbols (so the center of them combined if the symbol has changed locations).


              But you might also mean that you are using Motions Tweening and have multiple symbols if there is more than one animation you'd like to scale. If that is the case and you want them all scaled by the same amount including anything else on your Stage, you could scale the Stage in the Properties panel. Select Scale Content and change the dimensions of the Stage.

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                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                If I understand what you did correctly, the first part is where you change the scale of the motion tween itself, and then you scale the symbols to match the amount you scaled the tween.


                There is a quicker way to scale the tween. Click on the layer in question and then you should see a blue line showing where the tween will happen. Click on the blue line, you can now use the Transform panel to scale the whole tween.


                As far as I can tell you do have to go to each keyframe to scale the symbol by that same amount.

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