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    Adobe InDesign CC (2017) Slow When Computer Connected To Server


      We are facing a problem with InDesign when the computer is connected to a server. Even if we work locally, InDesign will freeze for periods of 10-15 seconds, and sometimes longer. As soon as we unmount the server of connected computers, InDesign is fine.


      See at this end to this thread (page 4 to 7)



      We have many mac running the lastest OSX and InDesign having the same problem, as soon as they are connected to our server, InDesign is unresponsive. Beachball appears and the application is stuck for 10-15 seconds. If we unmount the server, problem's solved... but we need our server connected in order to work.


      Adobe Please do something about this, it's a huge issue for us and your software is not working as advertised, and we are paying too much money to adobe for them to ignore our complaints.


      Mac OS X 10.12.4 InDesign CC (2017)