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    general question about rejected images


      I am new to stock photography and spent quite a lot of time reading what is and isn't accepted.  Right now the learning process continues as images are either accepted or declined with their reasons.  Its a good learning tool by example.  After reading the reasons posted in the links I can mostly agree with you.  I have posted several threads when I have questions on files where your reasons are confusing, and will wait for your answers.


      Meanwhile my question here is when posting a rejection as non-compliant there need to be a better explanation.  Non-compliant can be anything from property releases to incorrect titles or keywords and language.  If its something as simple as a keyword or title why not let us know and give us the opportunity to make those corrections so that the file in question can be resubmitted?  As a contributor it wastes a lot of our time as we could easily repeat our mistakes because we don't know we are making them.