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    One instance of a component in two TabNavigator children


      I currently use a TabNavigator composed of two tabs in which I have two instances of the same component and I was wondering if it were possible to have a unique instance in those two tabs. Let's suppose that I have a TextInput in the tab `A' of my TabNavigator, is it possible to have the same instance of this TextInput in the `B' tab ?

      The component in my problem is a big component that I would like it to be shared in those two tabs without using something complicated as addChild() removeChild() on the fly or something too complex. For now, I have simply a common model to those two instances but I am mostly worried about memory use, this component is huge and it would be really cool to have the same instance.

      The best would be something like having a reference in the `B' tab of the instance of the `A' like a pointer but I do not have enough knowledge in Flex to conceptualize such architecture, so if anyone has an idea, I'm all hears. Thanks