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    Adobe InDesign cc 2017 missing Update Library Item


      Hi guys, I have been using InDesign since last years and I have notice, I don't know if it is only me, that there is bug when updating a library item. I'll explain what happens. I have hundreds of text, images and more store in my library, especially product images like grocery. Every time a grocery brand change its cover I have to update the image that is stored in the library. To achieve this I select the image in the document and the object in the library, then I choose Update Library Item from the Object Library panel menu. Actually, It works but only for a certain number of times, then the option Update Library Item disappears from the Object Library panel menu. Then, I have to wait until there is an InDesign update to get back the option Update Library Item. I installed InDesign in my two computer (Mac & Windows) and the same situation happens in both. My libraries are not CC Libraries but Libraries saved in my Hard Drive. Can someone help me with this? Thank you in advance.



      PS: I don't want to delete the object in the library and then add the image again because each image has a description and I want to avoid retyping description as well as title.