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    InDesign CS6 won't render certain OpenType and TrueType fonts.

    CEEH Level 1

      I  am having trouble getting InDesign CS6 to properly render certain Asian TrueType and OpenType fonts.

      This is on a PC running Windows 10 Enterprise.

      Am placing text into InDesign files from Microsoft Word documents using these fonts. They render in Word, but not in InDesign.

      Have checked the bottom of my InDesign font list for Asian fonts, and the fonts are not among them.

      So obtained legal files and installed the fonts in my Windows 10 Fonts control panel.


      For a Laotian version, our partners require me to use the font

      Am required to use these exact fonts in Khmer and Lao translations of a fact sheet,
      For the Laotian fact sheet, am required to use the font Saysettha Lao (TTF).

      Was using Phetsarath (OT) but am told it does not render the text correctly.

      When I switch to Saysthetta, nothing but boxes appear in the InDesign text frame.

      syasthetta font not working.png

      For the Khmer fact sheet, am required to use the font Khmer OS Content.TTF.

      Am having better luck with it, but certain glyphs are dropping out.

      Khmer OS Content dropouts.png

      But the font renders all glyphs in Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows

      Khmer OS in Microsoft Word.png

      Am trying to find versions of these fonts that InDesign CS 6 will load.

      Thanks in advance